Welcome to Workplace Movement

Thank you for joining the movement. We have designed the service to help your workplace to become more active, with healthy, happy staff who can perform at their best. We hope you enjoy using the tools and resources.

You can scroll down the dashboard and select any of the tools displayed or click the headings along the top of the screen to jump to a section.

Your Organisation

You can edit any details here, add up to four additional users who will have access to the dashboard and upgrade your package.

All additional users will have the same rights and functionality as the main user and should be those with responsibility for staff wellbeing.

Upgrading your package will allow you to add features like the staff wellbeing survey if not already included in the package you selected on sign up. On clicking the upgrade button you will be taken to a form to contact our team who will help you with this.

You have access to the tools and resources for 12 months from date of sign-up (or date of approval if paying offline). You can renew your subscription at 12 months.

Workplace Movement Benchmark

We encourage you to take the benchmark survey straight away to help you understand where your organisation is now and where improvements can be made.

You can use the benchmark tool twice, once shortly after sign-up and once again in the second six months of access.

Progress can be saved while filling in the benchmark survey. Please be aware to only select 'submit' at the end of the survey when you have definitely finished. You cannot change your answers or re-take the survey after you submit (until six months later). If you are unsure of any answers or want to check with colleagues, please save for later, but do not submit.

On completion of the survey, when selecting submit, a report with recommendations will be generated. You can view the report online and download as a PDF.

Your organisation will be awarded a score out of 100 and one of four levels based on your score and the size of your organisation. You can download a Workplace Movement award logo based on the level achieved.

Staff Wellbeing Survey

If the staff survey is not available, please upgrade your package for a small additional fee.

This survey asks individuals about their daily habits at work and their health and wellbeing. Together with the benchmark tool, this provides a complete picture of physical activity in the workplace.

As with the benchmark tool, there are two uses of the staff wellbeing survey included. We encourage you to use the survey straight away and then repeat again later in the year to compare results and evaluate impact.

When creating a survey, there is one link for all staff, so you do not need to email individually or enter addresses onto the system. Copy and paste the link shown and share with the workforce.

The number of responses will be logged on your dashboard and a report will automatically generate and update as responses come in. You can view this online and download as a PDF.

All responses are anonymous and results are compiled together.

Respondents will receive a thankyou message explaining how their results are used with signposting links to health and wellbeing information. This document is also in the Information Leaflets and Posters section of the resource library.

Training Courses

Three face-to-face courses are available, delivered on site. Courses are delivered by your local Active Partnership (or our representatives) for an additional fee.

If you are signed up to the Premium package, one training course is included at no additional cost.

For full details on the available courses and to arrange booking, please select the individual course link from the dashboard or the drop-down training courses menu at the top of the screen.

Resource Library

A range of health and wellbeing resources are included in the online library, focusing on physical activity and mental health.

A summary of resources is shown on the dashboard and when selecting the resources tab. Please select one of the five sections in the library to see the full list of resource available in that section.

All resources can be downloaded unlimited times.

Additional resources are added regularly.

Please note, we do not provide printed copies.

Active Partnerships

Active Partnerships are a nationwide charitable network engaging communities and transforming lives through sport and physical activity.

Where your local Active Partnership can provide additional support to the online resources in the dashboard, contact details and further information will be shown. Additional support services may include consultancy, training, sports sessions and events, but depend on capacity and funding for each Active Partnership and therefore may be free or charged. Please discuss with your local Active Partnership.

If your local Active Partnership is not displayed, the national Active Partnerships team are happy to discuss advice and support. Please get in touch using the contact us form.

SportSuite Workplace Activity Tracker

You have the option to purchase a bespoke workplace physical activity tracking challenge, provided by Cuttlefish, using SWAT. Every challenge is tailored to your organisation. Please click the banner to contact our partners to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions